About Hummerhaven Farms

Quaint local shops and restaurants offer a delightful change of pace. Guests are invited to help with feeding and care of exotic and heritage breeds: mini donkeys, Pot belly pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, Babydoll sheep, Mini Horses, mini mules, Riding Horses, French Angora and Lionhead bunnies, Dexter heifer, chickens of all shapes and sizes, and of course farm cats and dogs.

After ‘chores’ there’s time for hiking, fishing, paddleboating, canoeing, fossil hunting, swimming, bouncing on mesh sided trampoline. At days end sit by evening campfire, listen for owl calls under starry skies. Add your own stories and s’mores for a ‘night out’

Our farm through NRCS is involved in a number of stewardship and conservation practices for grasslands, wetlands, ponds and forested areas. Guests are invited to help with identifying and enhancing habitats and wildlife structures. Binoculars are available for birding. Spot the nearby nesting pair of bald eagles using the farm as a flyover, herons ‘fish’ the ponds, hummingbirds, goldfinches, native grassland birds, songbirds and other pollinators flitting from flower to flower in the natural vegetative cover. We practice rotational co-grazing of multiple species to maintain pasture health. Natural vegetation retains soil moisture and fertility, provides a barrier against erosion and completes the cycle for wildlife food source and habitat.

Leave your world behind and spend time in ours, ‘down on the farm’